Family Law

Family Law Attorney for New Jersey and New York

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling every sort of divorce case, including those involving spousal support (alimony), property division and large assets. Our lawyers routinely deal with family law situations involving child custody, child support, and modifications of existing custodial arrangements. We will also help you deal with serious situations involving domestic violence, child relocation, orders of protection, among others. 

An action in family court can be emotionally draining and can alter your family’s dynamics for many years. The offices of attorney Charles Alvarez have the experience and knowledge to help obtain fair results. Our attorneys know the law and how to advocate for you in the courtroom. Also are adept in negotiation to allow for a reasonable opportunity to settle outside of court.

“When serious family issues arise you need to get the best available advice. The family law group at the Law Offices of Charles Alvarez will provide you ONLY with the best advice”

Our family lawyer personally handles all types of family law cases, including: 

  1. Alimony 
  2. Child Abduction
  3. Child Custody 
  4. Child Relocation 
  5. Child Support 
  6. Division of Assets & Debts
  7. Divorce
  8. Domestic Violence 
  9. Grandparents’ Rights 
  10. Post-Judgment Modifications 
  11. Prenuptial Agreements
  12. Same Sex Marriages

IMPORTANT NOTE: All cases are reviewed by our legal team prior to them being accepted – not all cases are accepted for representation by the law firm.

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