DWI / DUI in New Jersey

Defending DWI & DUI cases in New Jersey

The penalties for DWI/DUI offenses in New Jersey are severe! It is critical that you retain experienced legal representation.

In New Jersey the terms Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and Driving Under the Influence (DUI) are often used interchangeably. Regardless of whether you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating narcotics, you will face the same severe penalties, even if you are a first-time offender.

The penalties get exponentially worse with each subsequent DWI/DUI conviction – while on a first conviction you will face a minimum license suspension of 3 months and a potential of up to 30 days in jail, a third conviction will result in your license suspension for 10 years and minimum sentence of 180 days in jail!

“Penalties for DWI/DUI offenses in New Jersey are severe and increase exponentially if you have prior convictions”

In addition to losing your car driving privileges, being convicted of a DWI/DUI offense is extremely costly – not only are there court fines and fees that add up quickly but you also will face increased insurance premiums.

A DWI/DUI is a very technical in nature, and it takes an experienced attorney to recognize whether or not all procedures were done correctly and legally. In many instances an expert may be required in order to rebut the readings obtained or procedure used in charging someone with a DWI/DUI.  You need an experienced attorney who knows what to look for and how to combat these charges.

“Charging a person with a DWI/DUI offense entails a very technical process. You need an experienced attorney who knows what to look for and how to combat these charges.”

DWI/DUI charges are very serious and should not be taken lightly. But DWI/DUI charges can be contested with experienced legal representation.

The Law Office of Charles Alvarez Esq. will be able to help you with:

  • Ensuring your rights are protected and you’re being treated fairly;
  • Experienced analysis of the very technical police reports;
  • Determination of whether outside expert witnesses are required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Results cannot be guaranteed.  All cases are evaluated on an individual basis and depend on a number of factors.

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